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Are you an angel or in need of one. Right now, I am desperately in need of one. Once back on my feet, I will be one.

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kglinux   in reply to soulight   on

ASSISTANCE FOR SINGLE PARENTS , PAGE 2 (and great links to FREE assistance for everybody)

I am trying to get back on my feet to regain custody of my children from my abusive, mentally ill spouse. Please let me know where to get help.

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kglinux   in reply to james clemmons   on


Could you please let me know what services you provide and what the requirements are? I am desperate.

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Need help getting kids back from abusive wife, need money to get back on feet

My name is Kevin Gunderman. I have a bachelor's degree in journalism, have worked as a reporter and freelancer for major metropolitian newspapers and as a consultant for major corporations for many years. I have one published novel, two others that are finished (all spiritual fiction) and other fiction and non-fiction pieces I am going to be working on once I get a new laptop, including my life story, which people are urging me to write. However, I married a woman who was physically, emotionally, financially and verbally abusive. She has mental illnesses, but refused to get help during most of the 20 years we were together. She beat me down so bad that I had to stop working full time in 2001. I haven't had a full time job since. Last year, we lost absolutely everything we had, became separated and are in the process of divorce. She and our three younger children live in a shelter in Chicago. I lacked the money and the confidence to fight her for custody of our children.

I moved to Seattle on the promise of a job and to be with a wonderful woman. The job fell through and work has been sporadic at best. I became homeless because my fiancee had to move in with her daughter, who does not like me. We are trying to work together to get back on our feet, but she had been in an abusive relationship also and is trying to get herself back together.

I need money for such things as appropriate work atire, prescription glasses and to be able to afford a couple of months rent in someplace where I can shower, eat and store my belongings. Imagine trying to go on professional interviews carrying everything you own because you can't leave it at the shelter.

My children are desperate to leave the clutches of their controlling, abusive mother, and it brings me to tears daily knowing what they are going throught. I know if I can get my career back on track, I can save them and perhaps even get my wife the help she needs (I am not a hateful person and still would not want her to suffer).

My checking account is overdrawn, I am waiting for tax refund and injured spouse money to come back to me (another 8-12 weeks for as much as $7,000 totoal).

I am just in desperate shape and in need of temporary help, even a loan of some sort would be a godsend.

Please contact me via email at or voicemail at 425-336-4318 if you can help.

God bless.


Kevin Gunderman








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I have been a journalist and freelancer for major newspapers such as Chicago Tribune.

I was a consultant, once making $60,000 or more a year for major companies.

I even had one novel published, have two others completed and am developing more (once I get a laptop again). People are urging me to write my life story.

I was physically, verbally, emotionally and finanically abused by my wife for 20 years (she has mentall illnesses, is on SSDI, but functions enough to get just enough help to continue to play her games).

Her years of abuse, including allowing me to only get a few hours (or no) sleep every night for years on end, plus her erratic treatment of me, caused me to become so depressed and anxiety ridden that I couldn't function. I stopped working full-time after a 15 year dual career in 2001 and have only been able to find sporadic employment since

Last year, we finally lost everything we owned and were evicted for the second time in less that a year.

We are in the process of divorce. She is living in a shelter with our three youngest chilren in Chicago. I am living in a shelter in Seattle. I couldn't afford an attorney and she has custody of our children, much to my (and their) dismay.

I am a good person. I had an excellent career in both the IT fields and the journalism fields, but have been out so long, it is a slow road back.

I am mentally much better now, but lack the basic life needs to present myself well to the working world.

I just need help to get myself cleaned up, in a stable place and with some financial breathing room so that I can get back on my feet and fight to save my children.




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