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kglinux started this conversation

I have been a journalist and freelancer for major newspapers such as Chicago Tribune.

I was a consultant, once making $60,000 or more a year for major companies.

I even had one novel published, have two others completed and am developing more (once I get a laptop again). People are urging me to write my life story.

I was physically, verbally, emotionally and finanically abused by my wife for 20 years (she has mentall illnesses, is on SSDI, but functions enough to get just enough help to continue to play her games).

Her years of abuse, including allowing me to only get a few hours (or no) sleep every night for years on end, plus her erratic treatment of me, caused me to become so depressed and anxiety ridden that I couldn't function. I stopped working full-time after a 15 year dual career in 2001 and have only been able to find sporadic employment since

Last year, we finally lost everything we owned and were evicted for the second time in less that a year.

We are in the process of divorce. She is living in a shelter with our three youngest chilren in Chicago. I am living in a shelter in Seattle. I couldn't afford an attorney and she has custody of our children, much to my (and their) dismay.

I am a good person. I had an excellent career in both the IT fields and the journalism fields, but have been out so long, it is a slow road back.

I am mentally much better now, but lack the basic life needs to present myself well to the working world.

I just need help to get myself cleaned up, in a stable place and with some financial breathing room so that I can get back on my feet and fight to save my children.




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I will be more than happy to pray for you. God bless you.

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